Refrigerator Water Filters

Do you need to install or replace a water filter for you refrigerator? Sometimes depending on the brand refrigerator you have depends on how often you may need to change your water filter. Most refrigerators of today come with an automatic water filter notification. It may come in a warning light, alarm icon or sensor or your main door screen.


It’s recommended you change your refrigerator’s water filter at least every six months.

Six months is a good rule of thumb to replace an old water filter.

How to tell if your Refrigerators water filter need replacing?

Your refrigerators filter may need to be replaced when:

  • The water gives off an unpleasant odor
  • The water has an icky taste
  • Your water pressure decreases slowly

Do I really need to replace my water filter?

The simple answer is yes. If you fail to replace your filter in a timely fashion your water may contain bacteria, have a  bad taste and smell .

Buying a Water Filter for you Fridge

Do you have a  refrigerator that provides a water filtration and dispense ice and water through an orifice built into the door.  Its a great choice to purchase a refrigerator with a water filtrations system. It can dispense water, ice and crushed ice quickly for the entire household.

If you do not usually drink your household water or tap water as its called, then purchasing bottled water on a daily basis can become very costly.

Buying a refrigerator with a water filtration system can be more on your wallet



Water Filter Brands that Fit

GE Filters 


Whirlpool Filters


Samsung Filters


Kenmore Filters


Frigidaire Filters